Supplements We Offer

Alpha Base Capsules without Iron – A multivitamin supplement that provides high-quality nutrients to build a healthy micronutrient reserve. 

Support: Energy, immune

Apple Cider Vinegar – Promotes healthy gut function, can help suppress appetite and facilitate weight loss.

Support: Microbiome, cardiovascular

Ashwaganda – Can help the body better manage stress, promote healthy brain function, and lower blood sugar and cortisol levels.

Support: Endocrine, cardiovascular, mood

Bergamot – Derived from a citrus plant, bergamot can help improve cholesterol levels as much as a statin, but with none of the side effects such as brain fog or muscle fatigue. 

Support: Cholesterol, cardiovascular

Berberine – A natural alternative to Metformin, Berberine is also an AMP-K activator that can provide cardiovascular benefits, decrease blood sugar, and help lower cholesterol. 

Support: Cardiovascular, blood sugar, cholesterol

Collagen – An exogenous powder form that strengthens connective tissue between ligaments and tendons as well as firming skin on the face.

Support: Skin, cosmetic, bone, joint

Coenzyme Q-10 (CoQ-10)– An antioxidant that supports cell energy production, provides wide-ranging cardiovascular support and can help combat the negative musculoskeletal effects of statins.

Support: Musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, energy

Derma-T Tropin – Topical growth factors that can help promote healing, improve scarring, eczema, psoriasis, and other skin conditions.

Support: Skin

DHEA 25mg – Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is the most prevalent, naturally occurring hormone in the body. Healthy DHEA levels help balance the effects of cortisol. DHEA promotes a healthy hormonal balance, supports mood regulation, balances the stress response system by improving the Cortisol to DHEA ratios, and supports bone health.

Support: Endocrine, mood, skin

Enhance – A blend of growth factors that support healthy female sexual functioning and increase sex drive.

Support: Libido

Fish Oil – Omega-3 fatty acids are essential cornerstones of human nutrition. Omega-3 fatty acids support cardiovascular health and blood sugar metabolism, cognitive function and development, healthy skin, and joints and connective tissues. Omega-3s also improve visual and ocular health while maintaining a healthy inflammatory response and strengthen immune function. 

Support: Cholesterol, cardiovascular, brain, eye

Melatonin – Plays a key role in regulating the body’s circadian rhythm. Can be helpful in regulating sleep cycles in individuals who have irregular sleep patterns.

Support: Sleep 

Molecular Hydrogen – A potent antioxidant that supports healthy aging and can provide an energy boost.

Support: Anti-aging, energy, longevity

Niacin – Represented as vitamin B3. Helps increase the formation of new blood vessels, lower cholesterol, and decrease cellular levels of NADH.

Support: Cholesterol, cardiovascular

Ortho Biotic – Probiotics that help maintain gastrointestinal balance, increase secretory IgA for enhanced gut immunity, support bowel regularity, and support digestion and micronutrient absorption.

Support: Microbiome, gastrointestinal

Orthomega Capsules – A high-purity fish oil supplement that supports cognitive function and healthy skin, joints and connective tissues. It also helps maintain a healthy inflammatory response and strengthens immune function. 

Support: Musculoskeletal, immune, brain

Pregnenolone – Acts as a precursor to your body’s natural production of testosterone and estrogen, often taken in combination with DHEA. 

Support: Endocrine

Prostratrol Forte – Saw palmetto extract, stinging nettles root extract and pygeum bark extract each support prostate health, and their combination in a single formula creates a synergistic effect. Prostratrol Forte will promote healthy urinary tract flow and frequency, help maintain hormonal balance, and provide nutrients that support prostate health. 

Support: Prostate, renal

Reacted Iron – Iron is an integral component of the proteins involved in oxygen transport and storage. Helps maintain healthy blood cell counts and composition.

Support: Blood integrity, bone, immune

Reacted Magnesium Powder – Intracellular magnesium levels are decreased by excessive intake of alcohol, salt, and coffee. Because of widespread nature of magnesium deficiencies, adequate daily intake of magnesium is critical for proper hydration, stress response, muscle relaxation, promoting healthy blood pressure levels, optimal bone mineral density, and blood sugar regulation.

Support: Cardiovascular, bone, energy

Seleno-iodide – Helps maintain a beneficial balance of iodine to support healthy thyroid function. 

Support: Thyroid

Viracid – Boosts immune defenses by providing nutrients such as L-lysine vitamin A, C, pantothenic acid, B12 and zinc; as well as the synergistic blend of botanical extracts which have been used traditionally for their clinically effective immunomodulating properties.

Support: Immune

Vitamin D 5000 IU – In addition to supporting bone health, vitamin D plays an important role maintaining cardiovascular health and immune function, and promoting an overall sense of well-being.

Support: Bone, mood, cardiovascular, skin