In addition to urgent care and hormone replacement therapy (HRT), we also offer primary care services to serve the basic needs of our patients. The assistance we provide ranges from treating the occasional acute illness to managing more severe or chronic conditions. We have same day appointment scheduling and little to no wait times for seeing the doctor or nurse practitioner. This way, we can catch your illness quickly and have you back to work or school in no time. Our HRT programs majorly focus on preventative care and increasing longevity. That being said, we believe that combining your HRT program with primary care can comprehensively optimize your health to the greatest extent. If you are already being treated for HRT with us and decide that you would also like to add the primary care option, transferral of medications from your current general practitioner to us is quick and easy.

Benefits of primary care at Foster Medical include:

  • Management of chronic illnesses and care coordination with specialists
  • No time spent in waiting room
  • Direct contact with the physician via texting/calling
  • Relaxed clinical setting free of screaming babies
  • Management of all prescribed medications
  • Same day urgent care treatment during office hours