Expert’s In Peptide Therapy

Foster Medical began offering Peptide Therapy and providing Peptide Therapy Consults since inception. Dr. Foster is well versed in the area having given talks about the topic as well  as being a member of the International Peptide Society.

What exactly is Peptide Therapy? It can best be explained by the combination of amino acids forming bio-identical proteins, when taken can elicit various therapeutic responses in the target tissue being targeted. There are numerous peptides designed to treat a plethora of conditions.   

The use of peptides to target specific body tissue has the ability to alter bodily chemistry relationships producing a rejuvenating shift towards anabolism and homeostasis. Additionally, peptides have been known to be used in injury treatment, preventing chronic disease, and enhancing performance.

Types of Peptides We Offer:

CJC : Can increase body’s own growth hormone. 

Peptide  Cost: 1295 + Ipamorlin = $320

BPC 157 : Can aid in healing, can assist in GI Disorders & musculoskeletal injury.

Peptide Cost: 157 = $200-$275 (depending on quantity)

Melanotan : Can increase body’s production of melanin, which can tan the skin, it also can aid in decreasing risk of skin cancer, can aid in decreasing adipose tissue (thins you), & can increase sex drive.

Peptide  Cost: $150

MK-677 : Can increase lean gains many athletes are looking for

Peptide Cost: $120

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