Erectile Dysfunction In Your 20s

What is ED?  

Common Causes of Erectile Dysfunction in Younger Men

How is Erectile Dysfunction Treated?

Non-invasive Erectile Dysfunction Treatment at GainsWave 

We all understand that the aging process will inevitably change our bodies. A glance at our parents and grandparents reconfirms such painful realities. As we age, our hair falls out, wrinkles spread across our face, we get weaker and sicker. Another inconvenient reality of getting old, that may not be as easy to spot, is erectile dysfunction. But that is not supposed to happen until we are much older, right? Wrong.

As with everything else in life, erectile dysfunction can be a product of a lifestyle. In fact, some experts theorize that ED is CAUSED by stress. After all, ED symptoms typically begin in our forties, the same age that a man may be starting a family or climbing the career ladder, very stressful activities. But in addition, erectile dysfunction symptoms result from a variety of reasons – some of these reasons could be psychological and some of these reasons could be physical.

However, even at a much younger age, men are still susceptible to penile problems. Anyone is a victim to bad lifestyle choices or stress or both. Any of these reasons could be causes of erectile dysfunction in your 20s. This article will shed some light on the reasons for ED in your 20s. 

What is ED? 

Before this article illustrates the causes of ED in your 20s, it will examine what ED really is. After all, one can not expect to find a solution to a problem that they do not truly understand. In addition, once this person realizes that ED is not as much of a condition as it is a product of how our bodies function, it will be easier for them to revise their lifestyle appropriately, or to successfully treat the disorder. Read this to learn everything one needs to know about GAINSWave ED treatment

Put simply, ED is a man’s inability to get and maintain an erection. The condition is also referred to as impotence and typically occurs in older men. However, impotence can occur at any age. In fact, according to MedicalNewsToday, men have a 40% chance of experiencing ED by their 40s. The article also shares estimates that 8% of males between the ages of 20 and 29, experience ED. 11% of men between the ages of 30 and 39, experience ED.

How is an erection formed?

A good place to start when trying to determine the causes of ED in our 20s is an explanation of what an erection is. An erection is the result of an increased amount of blood in the penis. Whether it be mere thoughts, or physical contact, once the brain senses arousal, it immediately directs nerve impulses to the penis.

This brigade of impulses soars through our veins, leaping from one nerve ending to the next. Once they reach the penis, and the signal has been delivered, the muscles of the penis’ corpora cavernosa relax, allowing blood to pour through this cavern and fill up the penis. Essentially, an erection is the result of the blood vessels of the corpora cavernosa opening up. At a young age, it is important for men to know how to spot early signs of ED.

Erections do not exist in a broken heart

Essentially, an erection is a blood. Without a proper flow of blood, there would be no erection. Think of a balloon. At first, it was a shriveled piece of latex. But after the air was inserted, a balloon was formed. What if the pump that one uses to fill up the balloon was broken? In that case, there would be no balloon.

Similarly, an intricate process inside the heart controls the flow of blood throughout the body. If this process is not working properly, an erection may be more challenging to form. According to the University of Michigan website, the heart is a network of blood vessels. The purpose of this network is to supply oxygen and other important nutrients through the body. 

The function of the heart is to pump the amount of blood required to provide an adequate amount of blood to other organs in the body, such as the brain, lungs, and kidneys. To do this, the heart must:

  • Maintain the timing of the heart
  • Maintain healthy heart muscle
  • Maintain the flow of blood

How does erectile dysfunction occur?   

When someone has an erection, hopefully, they have better things to think about than the intricate and complex process that just took place. But if just one of these many internal functions is not working properly, that erection would just be a shriveled piece of skin. 

ED most frequently occurs as a result of a condition that blocks blood to the penis. Such conditions can include the hardening of arteries or diabetes. In addition, ED can occur as a result of a broken blood vessel that prevents blood from staying inside the penis. When signals sent by the brain are unable to reach the penis, as a result of an improper flow of blood, ED will occur.

There are many other reasons to blame one’s ED on. Certain medications can interfere with the nerve impulses that trigger an erection. In addition, psychological problems sometimes make a man unable to perform properly. A man’s diet, his alcohol and drug consumption as well as several other lifestyle decisions can all affect his heart and his blood, thus his erection. For more information on how to cure erectile dysfunction, read this article.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction in Your 20s? 

There can be many causes of erectile dysfunction in young men. People in their 20s that are experiencing ED or that know someone in their 20s who are experiencing ED, should read the following most common causes of erectile dysfunction in their 20s.  

Heart problems 

According to Hopkins Medicine, ED and heart disease are connected. In fact, almost all of the other items in this list deal with the heart. Coronary heart disease reduces the blood flow to the heart and also affects a man’s blood vessels. As noted earlier, erectile dysfunction will occur when the blood flow is not healthy.

Failure to create an erection can be a very important healthy warning. Sometimes, a man’s impotence can be caused by atherosclerosis, a buildup of plaque on one’s artery walls. Since the arteries of the penis are so small, these arteries are usually one of the earliest to be affected by the disease. Atherosclerosis increases one’s risk of a heart attack. So the sooner one can correct the problem, the better.

Common Causes of Erectile Dysfunction in Younger Men

When erectile dysfunction symptoms occur, a man should treat the condition as soon as possible. The longer that they live with the problem, the more difficult it will be to treat. In addition, struggling with erectile dysfunction can have devastating consequences, not only on the man’s health but also his self-esteem as well as his relationship. The only thing worse than erectile dysfunction is untreated erectile dysfunction. 

Hypertension (high blood pressure)

A study from the American Geriatrics Society found that 49% of men between the ages of 40 and 79 who had high blood pressure, were also impotent. High blood pressure damages a person’s artery walls, causing the walls to narrow, and severely limiting blood flow to the penis. 

High blood pressure will affect the blood flow pouring into the penis, but high blood pressure can also be responsible for other sexual dysfunction calamities. According to the PriorityMensMedical website, testosterone, the male sex hormone, is delivered throughout the body in one’s blood flow. As a result, when high blood pressure affects blood flow, the amount of testosterone dispersed throughout the body will also be affected. A decline in testosterone can cause a man to lose interest in sexual matters and the ability to create and sustain an erection.

Obesity or being overweight

Many men who suffer from excessive weight issues, also have erectile dysfunction. According to the ObesityAction website, obesity appears to damage a blood vessel’s inner lining. As repeatedly mentioned, when blood vessels are damaged, the penis is unable to receive an adequate amount of blood to form and maintain an erection. 

In addition, obesity or being overweight can lead to countless other conditions, such as elevated cholesterol, hypertension, high blood pressure, diabetes as well as cardiovascular disease, all of which may result in erectile dysfunction. 

Male sexual performance anxiety

Being young and in love is the greatest sensation in the world and it is also the most excruciating. Young love can create barrels of stress and anxiety. In turn, this same stress and anxiety can be so overbearing that it can affect the signals being sent from the brain to the penis. 

To make things worse, sexual anxiety can quickly develop into a cycle. A young man unable to perform as a result of stress will be even more stressed out the next time that he is in bed with his partner. According to Healthline, psychological causes of erectile dysfunction occur in 90% of teenagers and young adults. Click on this link to learn about several helpful techniques and tricks that could reduce performance anxiety. 


According to WebMD, an astonishing 35% to 75% of men with diabetes also suffer from erectile dysfunction. Causes of erectile dysfunction in diabetes are similar to previous conditions, in that diabetes damages one’s blood vessels, which are required to form and sustain an erection. Erectile dysfunction is most common in older men, however, men at any age who have diabetes are susceptible to the condition.

Low testosterone

The role of testosterone in erections is undetermined. After all, some men with low testosterone can achieve erections, while others, with testosterone shooting out of their noses, are unable to. 

Erections are a result of blood flow, something that testosterone has nothing to do with. However, testosterone can be responsible for a lack of sexual arousal. The science community generally agrees with the fact that testosterone does not have much to do with building an erection.

Hormonal imbalance

One of the causes of erectile dysfunction at a young age could be hormonal imbalances. Stress, injury, illness, poor nutrition, lack of exercise, or many other things can cause a young man to suffer from hormonal imbalance. Steroid abuse by bodybuilders could be a reason for ED in the 20s.

Porn addiction linked to erectile dysfunction

Porn addiction can also be one of the causes of erectile dysfunction at a young age. Though the exact role of pornography in impotence is questionable. One will find tons of articles and studies advocating that pornography does cause impotence and just as many that pornography does not. 

One side argues that excessive pornography can desensitize a man to real-life sex. These same men may need to increase their sexual stimulation in order to get aroused. The use of pornography may also alter the way that the brain is aroused. 

The other side could use the extensive slate of research studies to prove that no conclusion can be discerned. For example, one study from 2015 found that pornography consumption is linked to ED. Another study, also from 2015, concluded that men who spent a greater time admiring pornography experienced a more sexual response from their partners.


Alcohol can be the greatest aphrodisiac on the planet. But just a drop too much, can be one of the causes of erectile dysfunction at a young age. According to BostonMedicalGroup, alcohol dilates the blood vessels in the penis. As a result, if a drunk man is able to amass an erection, with blood vessels remaining open, the blood will just pour back out of the penis.

Alcohol can cause impotence in other ways, as well. Men who have been drinking for a long time will have caused great damage to the nerve impulses between the brain’s pituitary glands and the penis. Alcohol abuse for a long time will also damage the nerves in the penis. Excessive alcohol abuse can cause a buildup of plaque in the arteries, making it very difficult for signals from the brain to reach the penis.


Besides costing a lot of money and creating many regrets, another similarity between smoking and drinking is that they both damage a man’s blood vessels. One study, from the American Journal Epidemiology, suggests that impotence is much more probable in smokers than in those who do not. When it comes to younger men suffering from impotence, quite often, smoking is the culprit.

For all of those disheartened smokers, on a positive note, those who are able to quit smoking can improve their erectile dysfunction. Did you really need another reason?

How is Erectile Dysfunction Treated?

To determine the most effective treatment, a person needs to first pinpoint the cause of erectile dysfunction in their 20s. A quick discussion with a doctor should reveal the cause. 

Oral medications  

Pills are a common solution to fight ED. However, a man might have to try several medications before finding one that works. Pills like sildenafil (Viagra), avanafil (Stendra), tadalafil (Cialis), and Vardenafil (Levitra and Staxyn) are some of the most common prescription drugs to treat ED.

According to HealthHarvard, a pill taken for impotence will produce an erection required to begin intercourse in 70% of men. What man suffering from erectile dysfunction would not be persuaded by such a bold statement? But the results can vary widely. Someone who has diabetes or has damage to their arteries will find that these pills do not work as well on them as those without the conditions. And, of course, if they do work, it is only temporary. 

Lifestyle Changes

Unfortunately, when it comes to erectile dysfunction, those quick and cheap solutions do not work. Unless a person is committed to curing their impotence, the solution will always be just beyond their grasp. 

Many of the causes of erectile dysfunction in the 20s, can be rectified with a few little lifestyle changes. Eating healthier, exercising more, getting more hours of sleep, quitting smoking, and quitting drinking are some of the most effective ways to regain one’s sexual performance. To quote every grandmother on the planet, “Where there’s a will there’s away.”

This article contains some helpful tips for people looking to change their lifestyle in healthy and easy ways that could improve their sexual performance. 


What if the way one lives their life or their chemical and hormonal imbalances are not the causes of erectile dysfunction in their 20s? What if a young man’s impotence is caused by some internal psycho-social crisis? Quite often, mental conditions, such as depression or anxiety, can result in erectile dysfunction.

According to the University of Michigan Health website, many events could traumatize a man, resulting in sexual dysfunction. Some of these events could be,

  • Experiencing a stressful event
  • Growing up in a home, where sex is considered wrong
  • Experiencing sexual abuse as a child
  • Losing a parent at a young age
  • Sustaining a history of problematic relationships
  • Possessing anxiety disorders
  • Possessing internal problems caused by psychological factors, like a nervous bladder

When an individual’s psychological disorders are the causes of ED in their 20s, they should seek therapy. 

Non-invasive Erectile Dysfunction Treatment at GainsWave 

The reasons for ED in the 20s could vary from everything from how one lives their lives to psycho-social conflicts. However, according to HopkinsMedicine, the most common causes of ED are physical problems, relating to one’s blood flow to the penis. 

If a man does an internet search for erectile dysfunction treatments, they will undoubtedly find a plethora of solutions. But how many are effective? How many gain the approval of countless scientific studies? Most important though, how many of these solutions correct the problem, blood flow to the penis?

One could cross their fingers and hope that the treatment prevails, or they could go with GAINSWave, a treatment for erectile dysfunction that is effective. Just read the more than 30 clinical studies that all agree on the efficacy of GAINSWave.

GAINSWave is a drug-free and non-invasive procedure that uses high-frequency low-intensity sound waves to improve the blood flow to the penis. In addition, GAINSWave uses the only FDA-approved device to provide extracorporeal shock wave therapy. Wave tech therapy is the most effective treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Anyone experiencing erectile dysfunction in their 20s should contact a nearby provider. The treatment is simple and takes about fifteen minutes in the provider’s office. Do something about erectile dysfunction today!  

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