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Dr. James Foster, MD

Owner and administrator, Dr. James Foster, has dedicated his life towards the betterment of his patients in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Raised in Louisville, Kentucky, Dr. Foster went on to become an Emergency Room Physician where he practiced at various hospitals around Kentucky. After 21 years in the ER, he began transitioning to a more proactive approach towards medicine. Within this pursuit, Foster Medical was ultimately born. Here, Dr. Foster believes that you can be in the best shape of your life at any age.

We’re dedicated to offering our patients the care and attention they need to create a positive impact on their lives.

Tracie Jeter

Practice Administrator

Bethany Elliott

Office Manager

Trent Marshall

Medical Assistant

Terry Mullinex

Medical Assistant

Jodi Reeves

Medical Lab Technician

Jack Foster

Administrative Assistant

Debi Richardson

Patient Coordinator

Mel Harris

Patient Care Coordinator

Foster Medical Aesthetics

Carrie Clifford-Bennett

Nurse Practitioner

Hunter Abshire

Medical Aesthetician

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