With on-going advancements in medicine, there are many alternative weight loss routes to explore. Whether you are considering hormone replacement to help regulate your weight or simply an IV hydration treatment for an energy boost, our services can be of assistance to you. Please take a glance at the three below choices to learn more about how your physician can help you optimize your health. 

Hormone Replacement Therapy

After the age of around 25, our hormone levels naturally begin to decline. Hormone replacement is effective in not only replenishing depleted levels of hormones, but also in promoting the growth of lean tissue. Testosterone and estrogen act as the two biggest players in male and female sexual functioning. Each of these hormones are anabolic (pro-growth) to muscle, and catabolic (anti-growth) to fat which shows how as these concentrations decrease through the years, our physique can slip. 

Hormone replacement therapy uses hormones that are bio-identical meaning that your body metabolizes them identically to your already  in-vivo cellular processes. 

Peptide Therapy

Peptides are amino acids linked in a chain by what is known as a peptide bond. By altering or  substituting a specific amino acid in sequence, scientists can manipulate target effects in the human body. Peptides are gaining popularity due to their highly specific target mechanisms. This signifies that they are able to act on site without much harm to external organs and tissues, namely the liver and kidneys. Peptides can also help you recover from injury, perform better, and fight the risk of chronic illness. 

Hydration IV Treatment

Winter time puts us all at higher risk of coming down with something nasty. Whether you are fighting the flu or just looking for a boost, treatment with IV hydration is a great option. It allows for the most optimal entry route of not only isotonic saline but also important vitamins and supplements. Considering IV hydration therapy for performance enhancement or to recover after a long weekend? Contact our team today!