Every person’s weight loss journey is unique. Weight-related issues affect a large majority of the population of the United States. A physician-assisted weight loss program can help you to live a healthier and happier life.

What is Physician-Assisted Weight Loss?

Physician-assisted weight loss programs are provided by medical professionals in either a clinic or physician’s office. This non-surgical means of weight loss is designed from scientifically-backed methods that have proven effectiveness. Your physician will provide you with an initial consultation. This consultation will go over your medical history, any unique conditions you may have, and your weight loss goals. Your physician is knowledgeable about weight loss and will provide you with resources and tips. The best strategy to help meet your weight loss goals will be determined. This is a process that requires a considerable commitment from each patient to create the best chance of success.

Behavioral Modifications

One of the first options your physician will recommend is behavior modifications. Your physician is very knowledgeable about weight loss, including nutrition, which will make maintaining your healthier lifestyle possible without the use of prescription drugs. These plans generally consist of proper diet and exercise for that unique individual. These programs are designed to help implement long term change through your diet and exercise, which is necessary to maintain long term weight loss.


Proper nutrition is an essential aspect of any weight loss program. Your skilled physician, specializing in weight loss Lexington, KY, will create a customized diet plan based on your nutritional needs which will be unique to you. They will help you develop strategies to curb off cravings for the foods that are bad for you and instead shift your focus on more nutritional options. This will help you to stay on track for the long term.

Foster Medical’s Physician-Assisted Weight Loss is Unique

Many clinics in Lexington, KY approach Physician-Assisted Weight Loss with a prescription pad only. At Foster Medical, we have a more holistic approach to weight loss. Our approach utilizes exercise, nutrition counseling, supplements and medications when appropriate. When we consider who is a candidate, we understand that each patient has unique goals and focus on overall body composition. For example, one patient may need to lose 10 pounds of adipose (fat) to reach their goal body composition, while another patient may need to lose 100 pounds of adipose to reach their goal body composition in Lexington, KY. Any patient in between these examples can benefit from this process as well. Our team is there to assist you along your journey to achieve the established goals.


Your Health Coach will guide your way with individualized exercise programs and support. If you are a patient that has never lifted weights, your Health Coach will ease you into a routine to maximize your time. They will build a program to suit you that may include a combination of strength training and cardio. If you have an old injury, your Health Coach will be cognizant of that fact and tailor your exercise plan accordingly. Exercise can be intimidating. The main goal is to develop a plan that keeps you motivated to exercise. Your Health Coach is there for you every step of the way.

Nutrition Counseling

Diet is extremely important in weight loss. Choosing nutritious foods consistently fuels your body to perform at its best. This time of year can present a significant challenge for individuals considering that holiday related over-indulgence is a common occurrence. Still for many Americans, portion control is a consistent issue – no matter what time of year it is. Your Health Coach will educate you on the ideal portions and best food choices for you depending on your weight loss goals and preferences. He will provide tips to help prevent overeating and smart diet choices.

Supplements and Medications

Depending on your individualized plan, supplements or even medicine may be prescribed. Foster Medical will regularly monitor your body composition and blood work to ensure you are on the right path. Different patients will have specialized plans, but some may include medication to curb your appetite, hormone treatment to increase a low thyroid or testosterone level, or supplements to aid in controlling blood sugar, increase growth hormone, or increase metabolic rate. Foster Medical is here to help with our rounded approach in physician-assisted weight loss. Make an appointment today if you would like a consultation with our team.