As men age the natural levels of testosterone begin to drop. In many this reduction starts as early as 25 and continues to decline throughout life. Bio-identical hormones allows us to to increase these hormonal levels back to high-normal ranges. As a result patients should experience:

  •  Increases in muscle mass with decreases in adipose (fat) tissue
  •  Improved energy levels
  •  Restoration of libido and sexual performance

Through ongoing physician monitoring patients are able to maintain normal testosterone levels indefinitely. Other important blood markers monitored are:

  •  Thyroid levels (both T3 and T4)
  •  Growth factors (IGF-1)
  •  Estrodiol (as an indicator of estrogen levels)
  •  Hemoglobin count (to ensure that blood has the appropriate viscosity)
  •  PSA (an indicator of prostate health)
  •  Other key vitamins and minerals (Vit. D and Vit. B among others)

The benefits of HRT for men are not limited to exercise recovery and higher energy levels. Sexual health is also an important benefit of hormone replacement therapies. Patient’s can expect improved performance and stamina. In addition to sexual health, we offer a Healthy Hair Protocol. By looking at blood levels combined with a specific medication cocktail patients will see decreased hair loss.