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Achieving Optimal Health

Foster Medical helps patients improve their quality of life by designing a tailored plan to address and/or prevent the unwanted symptoms that occur as a result of aging. Through careful consideration of the patient’s program goals and past medical history, we assist them in fulfilling their ideal state of health. We manage this while also maintaining a patient-centric, efficient, personal environment.

Medical Services

Foster Medical offers a variety of therapies for men and women to improve their overall health and wellness as well as prevent and lower the risk of future illness.

Foster Medical Services:

Men's Clinic

A convenient, discreet, and comfortable way for men to get necessary, proactive, and preventative health care. In-person or telehealth appointments give patients access to treatments including sexual optimization, erectile dysfunction, thinning hair, daily health, supplements, & skin care therapies sent right to your door.

Urgent & Primary Care

With over 20 years of experience working in Emergency Departments throughout the state of Kentucky, our doctor can treat a range of issues from acute illness to managing more severe or chronic conditions. We have same-day appointment scheduling and little to no wait times for seeing the doctor or nurse practitioner.

Health Coaching

We provide consistent one-on-one coaching to improve overall health, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and hold you accountable in reaching your goals.
Supplements conveniently shipped directly to your door.

About Our Doctor

Owner and Chief Physician, Dr. James Foster, has dedicated his life towards the betterment of his patients in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Raised in Louisville, Kentucky, Dr. Foster went on to become an Emergency Room Physician where he practiced at various hospitals around Kentucky. After 21 years in the ER, he began transitioning to a more proactive approach towards medicine. Within this pursuit, Foster Medical was ultimately born. Here, Dr. Foster believes that you can be in the best shape of your life at any age.

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